Kazem Khorasani

Graphic Designer, Calligrapher, University Faculty Member, PhD Graduate in Calligraphy / Master of Graphic Arts, Tehran University of Arts

Educational and work records

Educational and scientific

Advisor to the President of the University and Director of the Master's Degree in Visual Communication, Iqbal Lahori University, Mashhad. Holding 20 workshops and lectures inside and outside the country. Published 40 works in domestic and foreign art magazines and books (France, Italy, etc.). Lecturer and director of the Department of Arts at Ferdows University / 1385 - 1394. Teaching in undergraduate and graduate courses of Farhangian University, Ferdows Mashhad, Iqbal Lahori Mashhad, Ferdowsi Mashhad and Tehran schools since 2000. Lecturer and official member of the Iranian Calligraphers Association since 1997. 14 scientific research articles, scientific extension and presentation of two conferences and scientific conferences. Author of the books "Signs 1 and 2", "New method in teaching calligraphy", ("The flow of contemporary Iranian letters" and "Branding").


President and founder of Ferdows branch of Iranian Calligraphers Association / 1376-1380. Director of Advertising and Design of Alis Factories Group / 1397-1397. Environmental Advertising Contractor of Khorasan Razavi International Exhibitions Company 2003-2003. Invited artist from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran for a study opportunity at the Site Artists' Park in Paris / 2015. Member of the country's visual development center. Member of the Association of Artists of the City of Paris. Member of Mashhad Municipality Graphic Council / 1388-1390. Member of the working group for recruiting teachers of applied science centers in Khorasan Razavi since 2012. First to third and selected 55 national and international festivals (Fajr International, Qazvin Biennial, Imam Reza, etc.). Participated in 15 solo exhibitions and more than 150 group exhibitions inside and outside the country (France, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Qatar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Tehran, UAE). Designer and builder of 310 urban elements in different cities. Designer and builder of the largest urban metal relief painting in the country (urban space - Mashhad) (in progress). Sign design for over 200 brands and collections. Purchase of the work by Imam Ali Museum of Tehran / 1379. Purchase of the work by the Visual Development Center of the country / 1397. Judging of provincial and national cultural and artistic festivals.